Me and Movies


I didn’t begin to explore classic films until I was about middle-school age (for a bit of context, I am a child of the late 1990s). At my school’s library, I would almost always gravitate to the movie books section. One day, I noticed a few books on the Universal Studios monster movies, and, finding monsters cool (like most kids), I decided to check them out. I already knew about these characters, and had even dressed up as a couple of them for Halloween, but had never seen the films.

From what I remember, there were books on Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, Creature from the Black Lagoon, and some non-Universal titles like King Kong or The Blob. These short books sucked me in, and convinced me to watch these movies and their many many sequels. They were fun then and are still fun now!

In the Frankenstein book in particular, the author mentioned a little movie called Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. I sought out that movie, and lo and behold, I was introduced to classic comedy! Bud and Lou led to The Three Stooges. The Stooges to Laurel and Hardy (my favorites). Laurel and Hardy to silent comedies. I was enamored!

Classic horror and comedy were my introduction to classic film! However, my curiousness kept me exploring different types of films. All it took was an inquisitive mind, a library card, and avid viewership of Turner Classic Movies for good measure.

Over the years I haven’t stopped seeking out old movies to watch. Thankfully, my local library has numerous DVDs of films old and new. I have developed a bad good habit of scrolling through the TCM listings, seeing if a synopsis or a title catches my eye. Thanks to that channel, I’ve discovered some now-favorites of mine, like The Great Escape (1963).

For a long time, I’ve wanted to express my fandom of classics online. Now I’ve finally taken the plunge!