Hello There!


Oh, hello!

You’ll probably notice that my blog doesn’t have much on it yet. I have a good reason, don’t worry.

I will be participating in The Early Women Filmmakers Blogathon (hosted by the great Fritzi Kramer of Movies Silently) to kick off Peyton’s Classics!

This event is sponsored by Flicker Alley’s upcoming collection of female-directed films. Give it a look!

I am excited to share my love of classic movies with all! In this instance I will be writing about the career of one of my favorite silent screen personalities, Mabel Normand.


Mabel Normand in Won in a Closet (1914), her earliest surviving directorial effort.

Miss Normand not only acted in many many comedies (most notably for Mack Sennett), but she also directed a handful of them!

You’ve probably heard of Charlie Chaplin, but did you know that Mabel Normand directed Chaplin on several occasions? She was behind (and in front of) the camera for the first film shot featuring Chaplin’s iconic “little tramp” character (but the second released), called Mabel’s Strange Predicament (1914).

Stay tuned for my entry for the blogathon, which is slated for March 27-29. Enjoy!


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